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Would you enjoy a fun way to improve your health, relieve stress and invigorate your spirit? Then yoga is for you. Whether you're new to yoga or an advanced yogi, you can enjoy the benefits and unite mind, body and soul in a welcoming atmosphere at Evansville Yoga Center.

Since 2005, Evansville Yoga Center has welcomed yoga novices and enthusiasts and encouraged them to participate in the yoga classes that best help them achieve their fitness and spirituality goals. We invite you to visit our yoga studio at our new location at 1421 N Main St. and experience all of the physical, mental and spiritual benefits yoga has to offer.

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years, and for good reason. Yoga offers many benefits that improve physical health, promote mental well-being and encourage a healthy lifestyle. You will feel the value of yoga while participating in class, but you will also continue to experience the benefits of yoga long after the session has ended.

Read our "What Is Yoga?" page for more information about yoga and its many benefits, then come experience it for yourself at EYC.

Evansville Yoga Center offers many yoga classes for adult students of all levels. Yoga instructor training classes are also available. We invite you to explore our class schedule page to find the class that best suits your style and experience.

While yoga is certainly the focus of our studio, it is not all you will find at EYC. We also offer nia, reiki and tai chi classes, as well as natural products to further promote your health. For a truly unique union of mind, body and spirit, visit Evansville Yoga Center in our new location at 1421 N Main St. Thank you and namaste.

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