Intro to Yoga

If you have never stepped foot on a yoga mat; never heard of Down Dog, Warrior I, or Childs Pose; never heard of the word YOGA; or you would like to renew your practice, then this is the series for you! This is a 4 class series.

Each class builds on each other so we recommend that you attend all classes. We offer a safe environment where you will be assisted and guided and learn proper alignment within each pose. The first week, we will begin with basic poses and each week learn the components to create a full sun salutation and by week 4 we will incorporate the poses learned throughout the series into a fun-filled experience you will never forget.

You will also receive an Introduction to Yoga Booklet, helpful hand outs on breathing techniques, stretches you can do at your desk, weekly emails with poses from each class and an online resource to practice poses at home. This series also includes weekly bonus classes throughout the series. These classes will give you the opportunity to deepen your practice, review poses from the prior class, and experience another instructor's style of teaching. (We will guide you to the classes that will work best for you throughout the series.)

The cost for the entire series is $80.00. Pre-registration and pre-payment is required. Space is limited.

For more info and to find out when the next series is available contact Michelle (texting is preferred for initial contact) or call 812-746-0116 or email at

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By Elise Browning Miller and Carol Blackman