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"Yoga is an integral part of my life and I can't see myself ever stopping my practice. In fact, I only want to do more and learn more about yoga. I do know that whatever I need in my yoga practice and on my mat, I seem to get it each and every time... even if I go into class without a clear idea of what I do need. I also think that if it were not for yoga I would likely be more limited, if not disabled, by my fibromyalgia symptoms. Yoga does a world of good in terms of strength, flexibility, and relaxation. In my work as a psychotherapist, I find applications for what I have learned from yoga all the time."

"I am a beginner to yoga and I just finished the 4 week Yoga for Beginners class. Through Chris’s guidance I am gradually making improvements. She was able to suggest little adjustments to my feet and hands that made big differences in the way I did the poses and how they affected my body. If I would not have taken this class I am afraid I never would have known the correct way to do the poses. Chris also teaches you the basics of yoga and how to do yoga safely so not to harm your body. The Yoga for Beginners class was a great way for me to start my journey in yoga."

"Yoga has opened up a whole new world for both of us in conditioning, exercise and health. It provides what we were missing in our exercise program which involved various cardio and weight lifting routines. Our level of physical health has elevated tremendously and this doesn’t come close to the spiritual and mental benefits that we never considered as part of this routine."

A friend told me about this class a few weeks back. I wanted something that might help me with balance and flexibility. I got so much more. The instructors are fantastic and the people in the class make it warm and welcoming. With some physical limitations I was a bit scared to try but my friend told me they always find a way to accomodate. Each instructor has done exactly that. Not only do I feel welcome there but I feel at peace. I leave feeling a since of freedom from just the everyday stresses of life. I have in three sessions seen some of my balance improve which gives me great hope. I knew nothing of yoga but I'm glad my mind was open enough to give it a try. The $5 chair yoga on Tuesday and Thursday is a great way to give it a try without the burden of a commitment. At least that is how I seen it now I am committed to going every Tuesday and Thursday because I enjoy it. Thanks to you all at the Center.”

Julie W.

“ Love the chair yoga class! Great stretching for my back issues!”

Sandy L.

“I started the Intro to yoga 3 weeks ago and I love it!!! I wish I would have started 20 years ago!
I feel so comfortable at EYC! They teach to all levels of students! I had an aroma touch massage last week and it was amazing!!! If you are thinking about practicing yoga EYC is the place to go!!!”

Jayne H.

“Love this place. All of the instructors are so knowledgeable and friendly! I have met lots of great folks there also! Helps my back immensely!”

Diane K.

“My mother and I just started the Intro to Yoga course and we could not be happier with the instruction and personal attention given! The studio is beautiful and clean, and the environment is so welcoming. Anyone nervous about taking a yoga class should definitely drop in!”

Sara L.

“Absolutely amazing energy! The owner is the best! Love her!!!”

Shari M.

“I love that is a non-judgmental zone-"Do what you can and bless the rest."

Jennifer W.

“This beautiful place has amazing energy. I love it so much.”

Heidi K.

“This is my first experience with yoga & they have made it great! Very nice, welcoming people.”

Michelle R.

“Hello, Michelle - it's Christina M. from today's noon class. Thanks again for an amazing practice! Your studio and instructors are a real blessing. I am grateful for everything you and your team do.”

Christina M.