Prenatal Yoga

Yoga's holistic approach to life has special value during pregnancy as you journey the path towards motherhood. Expectant mothers learn breathing exercises to calm the mind and soothe the nervous system. The prenatal yoga class offers stretching and strengthening postures that help release and tone the pelvic floor, allowing for an easier birth and enhanced post-natal healing.

This prenatal yoga class is designed to be a very special opportunity for pregnant women to enjoy each other's company as they learn the wisdom that the ancient practice of yoga contributes to the process of creating life and giving birth.

This class is a 4 week series. The cost is $60.00 for the series. Please contact Mandy Rodenberg with questions or to register: (812) 461-8428. If the series has already begun, we can pro-rate and you can start any time.

If you are an expected mother, or know anyone that is, please spread the word about this healing and healthy class for mommy and baby too!