What is Tai Chi?

In China, and increasingly throughout the rest of the world, tai chi is recognized for its power to instill and maintain good health and fitness in people of all ages.

Tai chi aims to bring balance to body, mind and spirit through specifically designed movements, natural breathing and a calm state of mind. It is easily recognized by its slow, captivating and mesmerizing movements. It represents a way of life, helping people meet day to day challenges while remaining calm and relaxed.

The first noticeable effect is usually a feeling of relaxation and a sense of well being. Documented benefits are plentiful: improved health, reduction of stress levels, improved concentration, better sleep, increased flexibility, improved digestion, improved heart and lung function, better balance, the strengthening of bones muscles and joints. And this is just the beginning! The list of benefits can go on and on.

Tai chi was a pivotal point in the improvement of Karen's physical health. She noticed a dramatic improvement within a few weeks of practicing 20 minutes a day.

Karen Yoe is a Reiki master, teacher and practitioner. Along with her mother Adele Cottrell, she founded Adele's Natural Foods over 30 years ago.

Tai Chi classes are taught in sessions with full payment due prior to the first class. The beginner's form is taught in a class lasting 10 weeks, meeting once a week. Other sessions are offered to learn other forms. The length of these sessions varies with the form being offered. Day and evening classes are available. Once a form has been learned, silent classes are available to join where we simply play tai chi for the entire time with no verbal instruction.

To hear more about Karen's personal journey into the many benefits of Tai Chi, or learn about current class schedules, contact her at 812.479.8331 or karenyoe@wowway.com